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Mozambique Wildlife
In a country that has a number of national parks, nature reserves and protected areas, Mozambique wildlife includes big game species as well as marine and coastal species, with many different wildlife to be found across the country as well as smaller mammals such as antelope, while marine animals include the majestic Hump back whale, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles and a huge number of fish. Insects and reptiles can also be found across the various natural habitats of Mozambique.
Hunting Season
The hunting season commences in June and ends in November of each year. Coutada 11 and 12 are both unique concession areas bordering one another. Their habitat varies from sand forests, savannah, flood plains and swamps giving the hunter a combination of habitats that hold a variety of species. The terrain in both areas is generally level and undulating with Coutada 12 being more forested than 11.
Coutada 11 boasts swamps in the east of the concession, making for exciting buffalo hunting, while 12 enjoys more Elephant and forest Buffalo. It is one of the few areas where one has the opportunity of a true classical safari hunting Buffalo, Hippo, Elephant, Crocodile, Leopard and plains game on one safari.

Daily Rates:

  • Hunter 1 x 1               $ 1600 per person per day     Elephant
  • Hunter 1 x 1               $ 1500 per person per day     Lion
  • Hunter 1 x 1               $ 1200 per person per day     Leopard
  • Hunter 1 x 1               $ 1000 per person per day     Buffalo/Sable
  • Hunter 1 x 1               $ 1000 per person per day     Crocodile/PG 
  • Observers                  $ 500   per person per day

Additional Costs

  • Rifle Import Permit         $ TBC  per Rifle & 40 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Hunting Permit               $ 250 Per Hunter
  • Trophy Handling            $ 750 for 1st Trophy, $ 100 per additional animals (Transport from Hunt Concession to Maputo)
  • 50 % Deposit secures Reservation
The weather in Mozambique is generally warm and you can expect rain throughout the year. Average temperatures range from 65f - 95f, with some days reaching over 100f from October – January.

• You do need a Visa to enter Mozambique which can be obtained at the border post entering    Mozambique
• Mozambique is a malaria area so the necessary precautions must be taken.
• Mozambique is politically very stabile and the game numbers are rapidly increasing therefore hunters    are very welcome, for they supply meat and much needed foreign currency.
• Getting to some areas require a charter flight.

African safari what to wear tip:
Six pairs of underwear.Underwear is the only item you are allowed to take enough of. The reason is that not all staff in Africa will wash your underwear due to religious reasons.
African safari what to wear tip:
Four pairs of socksIt is important to wear dry socks. Therefore you might have to change them regularly. Four pairs are enough as you can always hand-wash them yourselves. African safari what to wear tip: Two long trousers One pair of jeans and another spare. Long trousers are very handy if you do any walks on your safari. They can also be warm on cool evenings and they will protect you from mosquitoes., vacations, holidays, camps, tours, companies, south africa, botswana, zambia, tanzania, namibia, kenya, mozambique, zimbabwe
SIGNALING Headlamp (Petzl Tikka Plus 2 with Ultimate Lithium batteries)
SOLAS strobe light (ACR Firefly with Ultimate Lithium batteries)
SOLAS Reflective tape strip (ACR 2x4 inch super sticky backing)

9x6 inch leakproof slash airtight pouch (Aloksak)
6 jumbo cotton balls (use as spark catcher or tinder with the Vaseline worked in)
.35 ounce tube of white petroleum (Vaseline Lip Therapy)
Disposable butane lighter (Bic with a rubber band to protect from accidental gas discharge)
Flint and steel striker (Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel)
8 cotton tinder bundles (Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs)
25 Stormproof Matches with a sealed striker strip (REI)
3 separately sealed Esbit fuel tabs (REI)

9x6 inch leakproof slash airtight pouch (Aloksak)
3 inch by 4 yard sterile medicated gauze (Quikclot Combat Gauze)
3 inch elastic bandage with Velcro fastener (Ace)
5 wound closure strips
2x2 inch Opsite Flexigrid transparent permeable wound cover
1 Tincture of Benzoin ampule
3 4 ply 4x4 inch gauze pads
5 Band-Aids in medium and large size
40x40x56 inch cotton muslin triangular bandage
EpiPen .3 mg Epinephrine Auto-Injector (prescription required)
4 800 mg Ibuprofen tablets (prescription required)
2 Benadryl capsules
Waterproof, sweatproof sunblock .3 fluid ounce pack (Bull Frog Quikgel 36 SPF)
1 insect repellant towelette (OFF Deep Woods)

GPS receiver (Garmin Foretrex 401)
Wrist compass (Suunto M-9)
2 3x5 index cards
Permanent marker (Sharpie Mini)
Kwan Adventure Safari Packages

TOC's apply
Trofee Fee Minimum Days Required
Baboon $ 400
Buffalo $ 4 500 10 Days
Bush Pig $ 600
Bushbuck $ 1 600  
Crocodile $ 5 000 12 Days
Duiker $ 650
Elephant $ 20 000 21 Days
Grysbok $ 1 500
Hippopotamus $ N/A 12 Days
Impala $ 650
Kudu $ 2 700
Leopard $ 8 000 16 Days
Lion $ N/A 18 Days
Roan $ N/A
Sable $ 6 000 12 Days
Warthog $ 600
Zebra $ 3 800


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